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Make Money On Internet | Hoobin.com » Blog Archive » Everything You Need To Know And Execute Your Fast Redesign Web Issues

Everything You Need To Know And Execute Your Fast Redesign Web Issues

There is a secret to REDESIGN your website. Here we present you some fast way to execute and redesign your web site. This is our best practice for all our web application development. I will use the key concept points from Jakob article - “Usability 101″ as our guideline to explain. I will show you how we execute and what tools you need in order to do it yourself.

Here are the key concept and process.

  1. Test and Identify What Is Working. Keep and emphasize Good Part. Improve On Bad Part.
  2. Test Your Competitor Design To Get Cheap Data On A Range Of Alternative.
  3. Conduct Field Study And See How User Behave.
  4. Paper Prototypes With Throw Away Attitude.
  5. Improve And Refine Through Multiple Iterations.
  6. Inspect Design With Establish Usability Guidelines And Checklist.
  7. Test On Final Design Again.

Even though this is a fast redesign process compare to “waterfall” or “rational” ( a term use in programming world ) design process. It’s still expensive to have our website to go through all this. So we list down our quick and easy way to do it and show you what is really working for us as individual project for redesign web issue using the guideline above.

Test and Identify What Is Working.

This should be easy and less expensive as you implemented free analysis application in your website. People are paying hundred or thousand dollar to get those data in the old day. Now, you can get it free and have even powerful feature compare to last time. We use google analytic for web site and blog. For ecommerce, we recommend clicktrack that have more powerful feature to slice more information. We can write the whole book to show you how we use the web analysis program. The easy way to help you get started is sign up for google analytic, read their articles in their university section and play around with the application.

Test Your Competitor Design

Again, play around with your competitor design and website, and see what you like. If they already have some successful track record in certain area such as building community, high click though rate or reader love to comment, copy that specific design. Know what make them tick! Capture their web site screen shot, and reevaluate their design in your design process. We use firefox “Save As Image” plugin for quickly browsing and save their design to serve as a reference. Use whatever is working for you. And the challenging part is know what make them tick and don’t copy the wrong design too.

Conduct Field Study

With technology improving, it’s not really necessary to seat down with user any more to see how their behave if you have limited budget. And as you know it’s really expensive to do this kind of study. So another quick and easy way for us to do it is using robotreplay.com free service to record down how the user session use our website. The application still need much improvement, but it’s good enough to get some rough idea about how user use our website.

Paper Prototypes With Throw Away Attitude.

Just draw your concept and ask your friends what do they think of the design. We usually use mind mapping tools to map out the information architect for our website. And draw some basic design in piece of paper for each domain or page.

Improve And Refine Through Multiple Iterations.

Again, through web analysis such as powerful web analytic application, heatmap application, user session recording application, you can improve your site through multiple iterations. The main problem is just whether you have the skill or technical knowledge to do it or not. Next action concept is important here after you get all the data and feedback. Sometime, it’s really costly to do it too. We think only few have the resources do it especially for blogger. ( By the way, since hoobin.com is my personal project, I really lacking of the time to do it properly compare to my startup application )

Inspect Design With Establish Usability Guidelines And Checklist.

Refer to a great web usability books. Or you can check out Jakob Nielsen site. There are many more good reference, I just can’t think of them out of my head at this time:) I just write a checklist for blog, you can check out there as a starting point.

Test On Final Design Again.

Test on your final design again, and it’s really easy once you set up those tools that we mention above.

Something You Need To Know About Resign Website And Make Money Online

Use your common sense and be open to suggestion is really helping you improve your design. Of course design is just part of the equation. What is important is whether you site can help your visitors or not. If you have one happy visitor that come to your site and find what he/she need. You definitely will sky rocket your make money profit to the sky. If using scientific way to describe it will be if you have a great usability design web site and information/service/product your visitor need, your life time visitor value will be extremely high.

For example … Google, simple and elegant way to allow user find what they need on the web. Visitors will go back 10,000 times in their lifetime to visit google website for their search and each time they search through google search engine, google might make money through their adword. This is the powerful concept of making money online so make that your priority. I think if you plan to make money online and build it as a company and business. This is the concept that most “quick make money” site get it wrong.

Ultimately, when you redesign your website, think about what you are trying to achieve here. Will this help your visitors? Then, you stand a better change to get it RIGHT.

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