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Make Money On Internet | Hoobin.com » Blog Archive » What Is Your Way To Find A New Site?

What Is Your Way To Find A New Site?

I guess we all have our way to find a new site. Due to we love to read through RSS, we found out that most of the time we find a new site is through follow the blog links. It’s very easy to explore all the related topic about making online online, affiliate and more.

But the most rewarding part is using Google Search, this is where we found most of the interesting resources and website out there. To use some advance search operators is even more rewarding to find specific interesting topic and cool website.

Michael Martine has wrote a post about how to use google advance search operator that cover the very basic advance search for blog expert. To find out more about search operator, you can also check out the googleguide.com too. We have to admit that we haven’t explore the full power of search yet.

New Way To Find New Site

There are couple of interesting ways to find a new site in this web 2.0 world now such as using MyBlogLog, Stumble Upon and other social networking site. And some bloggers just start to like using blog search such as Technorati and Google Blog Search to find their fellow bloggers and topic they are tune in.

Maybe another old fashion way to find a new site is to check out the yahoo directory or web directory. We did manage to get some traffic from link directory. I think people still do using link directory to find new site. But we don’t have study that those people who use link directory to find us also subscribe to our RSS or click on our ads.

Anyway, our internet daily activity surround with online application such as using online mail, search, reading blog, hang out in social networking site and forum. Through those activities, we being exposure to a lot of new site. Still we found searching is the most useful way in finding a new site we like. And blog links come second.

By the way, MarketingPligrim have a post report that about 67 percent of searchers driven off by off line channel and 39 percent of the 67% will purchase ( source: iProspect Search Marking Firm) That’s is an interesting figure.

And I wonder how many of them will buy from a new site? This will be the figure we like to know. We know that traffic from yahoo and MSN search will have a higher Adsense content click through rate. This kind of figure is helpful for online marketer to make more money.

Anyway, I”m out of topic here. This post is about what is your favor way to find new site. I’m think subconsciously we all have our favor way to find new site. But we never really count which methods is the most effective/favor one to find a new site that we like. What do you think?

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