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Wow, It’s Getting Harder For Me To Post

11 Jun 2008 / 0 comments / 6,368 Views

I definitely have to say it’s getting harder for me to start posting when I stop blogging for sometime. Time is really flying, and I’m try to spend more time away from computer as I no longer require to do so.

I know, it’s definitely not healthy for me to look at the computer screen almost all day long when I’m struggle to make my startup and web business work in the early stage. For now, I manage to set up a structure and system that work for my web business, it’s definitely a totally new lifestyle for me. Well, I still love blogging, maybe I love to spend more time with my family and taking vacation more:P

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6 Of My Favorite Keywords Tools To Help Me Dominate My Niche

15 Feb 2008 / 0 comments / 15,268 Views

This are the main 6 keyword tools that I used daily to analysis and dominate my niche. There are a lot good keyword tools out there, but I have developed a system around this keywords tool and most important things is … it’s WORK like a charm to help me to make more money online.
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Affiliate Or Pay Per Click?

12 Feb 2008 / 0 comments / 8,152 Views

Monetization is much more easy then getting traffic. But it’s require different knowledge and skill sets.

The most easy methods to monetize is using Adsense, Amazon and Ebay.

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DNA Of Great Website

3 Feb 2008 / 1 comment / 7,823 Views

Well, last post I was mention a bit about the DNA of Internet and DNA of Great Website.

I argue that when internet is getting more complex ( well welcome to Web 2.0 ), the search engine trying to solve the DNA of internet is no longer possible or feasible in this decade, the only easy way out is look for pattern of DNA of great website.

So What Is The DNA Of Great Website?
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SEO : How To Be On Top All The Time!

20 Jan 2008 / 2 comments / 7,122 Views

Yeap, with all the guessing and theory going on in SEO, the most practical one is … (You need to have strong fundamental before doing this, we suggest you read Search Engine Marketing, SEOBook, SEO Make Easy books as basics)

Well, what is the most practical trick you ever need?
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To Rank In Google Become More Tricky

19 Jan 2008 / 2 comments / 11,280 Views

If you even do online searching multiple times a day in google. You will notice there are tremendous change in how website rank in the first page.

Page Rank, Incoming Link, Anchor Text, Page title and keyword density use to play an important role in ranking, but the weird things is those website that rank well is doing more then that.
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